Continued Professional Development – LinkedIn Learning

Very impressed by the resources made available following the purchase by LinkedIn of in 2015 for an eye-watering $1.5 billion.  I can really see the benefit of that with a seemingly infinite supply of free training resource that ought to be transforming the Continued Professional Development of anyone wanting to keep abreast of changes.

Of course – bad pun alert – it’s horses for courses, we all have our own ways of learning, but for an anti-social homeworker with good concentration skills it’s a fine fit.

I’ve yet to see the point of Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn (Dec-16), but the course on the new ‘Teams’ premium Office 365 app, positioned as a replacement for email, Skype, SharePoint suggests an eventual LinkedIn gateway that might be so successful that employers have to lock it away!

There are positive negatives in these courses as well.  I followed the DevOps course, now know not only the basics, the point, the methodology, but more than that, it’s an area I never want to roll up my Ozwald Boateng sleeves anywhere near.  #Delegatethatone.

Looking forward to following some non-professional courses from what offered.  Nutrition anyone? Yoga? Occitan?